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Why Choose Laura Athens?

Laura A. Athens, Services in Farmington Hills, MI

Laura Athens brings a wealth of diverse education, training and experience to alternative dispute resolution. Her law degree and masterís degree in social work and over 30 years in law practice enable her to not only understand the legal issues, but also the human dynamics involved in conflict resolution. Her prior experience as a law professor and current experience working with college and university faculty and staff brings a unique perspective and appreciation for the challenges faced by institutions of higher education and those who work in that environment.

Lauraís previous experience as a hearing officer in special education and vocational rehabilitation matters, as well as her current experience as an arbitrator in automotive class action settlements, provides the expertise needed to effectively, creatively and impartially manage pre-arbitration preparation and arbitration hearings.


Respectful and Compassionate
Laura Athens recognizes the importance of fostering honesty, integrity and empathy in dispute resolution. She is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion and ensuring that all participants are given an opportunity to present their case, voice their concerns and contribute to solutions in an atmosphere of trust and respect at every stage of the alternative dispute resolution process. She skillfully employs effective tools and strategies to ensure productive participation and beneficial outcomes.

Her litigation experience representing students and individuals with disabilities and their families has enriched her understanding of how underlying emotions and beliefs impact dispute resolution and how they can be compassionately addressed to reach an effective resolution.


Fair and Flexible
Laura Athens works hard to ensure that the chosen ADR process is fair, flexible and user friendly. She assists parties and their legal counsel or representatives to select a process and time frame that meets their unique needs. Laura engages the parties in careful and deliberative pre-planning regarding the time, location and duration of the chosen process, including the use of online videoconferencing and resources. If work or other obligations preclude pursuit of the ADR process during normal business hours, Laura offers flexible evening or weekend options. She also has expertise in online dispute resolution and video conferencing and offers a variety of options and approaches to reach innovative and sustainable results.


Laura Athens graduated from University of Michigan, Magna Cum Laude, with Honors in Psychology. She received her Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin. Ms. Athens obtained her law degree from Washington University School of Law.


Extensive Training
Laura Athens has received extensive training in alternative dispute resolution. Since her initial, intensive 40 hour mediation training in 1995, Laura has continued to hone her skills and developed effective tools and strategies through ongoing participation in advanced ADR conferences, seminars and workshops; preparing and providing ADR training; frequent lecturing and appearances related to ADR topics; publishing articles; and participating in ADR associations.


Reasonable rates
Laura Athens charges for mediation, arbitration, facilitation and restorative practices are reasonable and highly competitive. Parties may choose to share the cost or select another equitable arrangement. Depending on the nature of the case and type of ADR process selected, fees can range from $500 for a brief mediation or simple documents-only arbitration to $2,500 or more. Daily and hourly rates are available.

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Updated: 30 August 2022